About Us

This journey began in 1993 at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica; Ca. where I took one class in Chinese Herbal Medicine fell in love with this medicine – with this way of thinking.  While Chinese herbs hooked me, Acupuncture and Life Style Changes have become my main way of treating my patients, although I do prescribe herbs at times.  My great joy is watching patients who have been in pain be able to move, continue their activities and feel like themselves again through treatment.  I work both solo and collaboratively with other medical providers because, from my perspective, none of us has all of the answers all the time.  

I find it important to listen to my patients so that we are more of a team in their healing process together.  When I listen carefully, I find that patients will tell me what I need to know to treat them more effectively.  I also find that patients frequently have their own answers.

- Dr. Judy Chiasson

Our practitioners are exceptionally skilled and ready to provide you with quality medical care at most reasonable rates. All of our clinicians are certified by the National Certification Commission for for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and have years of practical experience treating many different types of patients and conditions with Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Judy Chiasson, DAOM, L.Ac.

Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist AC 484
Master’s Degree: Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine 1998 (2nd Graduating Class)
Doctorate Degree: Oregon College of Oriental Medicine 2005 (1st Graduating Class)
Clinical Training in China: 2003 Herbal Studies, 10 days, Nan Chang (Jiang Xi);

        2005 Acupuncture Studies, Nan Jing (near Shang Hai) 
        6 weeks in 5 hospital out-patient acupuncture clinics

Healing Touch Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (Bellingham) Est. 1998
Private clinic:Services covered by most insurance, including PIP (Personal Injury Vehicle Accident Cases).

Clinical Specialty: Treatment of Pain  Injuries, Accidents, Chronic & Acute Pain, Neck Back & Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Arthritis, Painful Periods and other types of pain.  Also treat fatigue, digestive complaints, insomnia, women’s health, stress & depression.

Clinical Specialty: Life Style Enrichment,

Healthy Eating’s About Life! (HEAL!)
Stop Smoking with Ease
Qi Gong –Eight Treasures
Relaxation/Stress Reduction

The Oak Tree As a Symbol of Our Clinic

I adopted the Symbol of the Oak Tree to represent what Healing Touch Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is about when I established my clinic in 1998.   The Oak Tree represents to me:

Strength, Great Beauty, Deep Roots, Being Grounded, Able To Weather Storms.

Through our clinic we help each person find (or regain) their own personal strength, great beauty, deep roots, groundedness and ability to weather their own storms.   Dr. Judy Chiasson, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

The Oak Tree is also a strong personal symbol for me.  I grew up in a three generational household in a home with a very large water oak tree in the front yard.  When I was born the oak tree had a trunk that was over four feet in diameter and dominated our entire front yard.  I experienced tremendous joy being with this beautiful tree as I grew up and throughout my life. 

In 1993 I began my studies in Oriental Medicine and my very special tree met its demise shortly afterwards.   My clinics, Healing Touch Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and Affordable Acupuncture Community Clinic, are my continuation of that very special tree.

Dr. Judy Chiasson, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine