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Healthy Eating's About Life!

8 Week Class / Support Group
Based on the book, “UltraMetabolism” by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
& on the work of Dr. Weston Price; Includes information on Michael Pollen’s & Dr. Dean Ornish’s work plus information about Raw Foods, Food Sensitivities, Gluten Intolerance, & Foods That Help Reduce Pain, Improve Blood Sugars, and Improve Chronic Illnesses

This is about discovering the joy of healthy eating.

Would you like to significantly improve your overall health & well being? Would you like to feel really good, once again?

Food choices matter!
   HEAL Yourself! - HEAL Your Family!
 HEAL Your Community!
HEAL Your Planet!
Class Includes:
  • How to eat healthy for the rest of your life (and want to)
  • How we can become wise consumers & eat healthy even though our food supply has been compromised in multiple ways
  • How to reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes & high blood pressure
  • How to regain your ideal weight by focusing on healthy eating
  • How to discover for yourself  if you have food allergies or sensitivities that may be causing fatigue, chronic illness, digestive problems, migraines, depression or other medical problems
  • How to have fun while sharing great tasting healthy food.

Dr. Judy Chiasson, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, created these classes to address a desperate need for this kind of information so that her patients and others could regain their health.   

Where:    2500 Elm Street (Conference room) Bellingham, WA
When:       8 weeks, Wednesdays at 6:30 – 8:30 PM
                   Daytime Classes May Be Offered
                   Call for the Next Scheduled Class
Fee:          $85 plus the cost of the book
                  $5 per class for returning students

Call 360-738-8520 to register or request more information!