Life Style Changes & Enrichment

Life Style Enrichment with a Focus on the Whole Person
& on Integrative Medicine

At Healing Touch Acupuncture we treat the whole person by conducting an in-depth interview and addressing stress reduction and other concerns as well as the main problem the patient has sought help for.  We treat patients with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine (as appropriate), & discuss Lifestyle Changes & Enrichment to help each patient accomplish their goals for treatment.  When appropriate we work as part of a team with medical doctors and other health care practitioners and/or we refer to other health care professionals as needed. 

We offer the following Life Style Changes & Enrichment: 
  • Healthy Eating’s About Life! (Also visit our Healthy Eating webpage for further information)
  • 8 Week Class Series (Also visit our Class webpage for further information)
                This is about discovering the joy of healthy eating.

  • Food Choices Matter!
    HEAL Yourself!   HEAL Your Family!
    HEAL Your Community! HEAL Your Planet! 
  • Stop Smoking with Ease!
            When you have been smoking for many years it will probably take
             you more than a few days to stop.  We can help ease you down. 

  • Qi Gong & Tai Qi Classes (Dependent on instructor availability)

  • Relaxation/ Stress Reduction